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One on One Training

All personal health budget training is 100% bespoke to the clients needs. Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of the client and their PAs with the end result being a team of highly trained, confident and competent staff. We can deliver the training either in the home of the individual or at a location specified at a time and date that suits the individuals schedule, including weekends and evenings.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 6PM-8PM
Saturday – 8AM – 12PM or 1PM – 5PM
Sunday – 8AM – 12PM or 1PM-5PM
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Group Training

We aim to assist students in the development of good judgement, effective interpersonal skills and technical skills, which will enable students to function competently as a Phlebotomist. Once you have completed this program, you will have new and enhanced skills that will enable you to join the workforce as well as the hours to sit for our National Certification Exam that will allow you to join the workforce as a Certified Phlebotomist Technologist.
Saturday & Sunday 8AM – 2PM or 3PM – 9PM
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Fast Track Phlebotomy

The establishment of an across-the-board national standard of certification for all phlebotomists is at the top of the agenda. Attracting a prominent national board of directors with sufficient influence to assist our efforts in this complicated endeavor will be an important step in the right direction. NPA is expanding networking…
Saturday –  8AM – 1PM or 3PM – 8PM
Sunday – 8AM – 1PM or 3PM – 8PM
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Monthly HANDS ON Class

The National Phlebotomy Association has assumed a key role in the interface between phlebotomists, the laboratory, the physician and the patient or client. From the period of benign neglect, when few individuals were interested or aware of phlebotomists, when laboratory organizations tabled discussions of an organization of phlebotomists, until today,
2 weeks
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6PM – 8PM